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Miss New York's Teen 2024


Erica's Year

Throughout Erica's time as a titleholder, she has been able to spread her Community Service Initiative, "Paws For A Cause" in partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She passed the Humane Pet Store Ordinance in her hometown. In addition, Erica has volunteered, hosted fundraisers, and published her children's book, "Pippa Finds A Friend", which is now available on Amazon. Aside from her platform, Erica has been able to connect with other titleholders in the sisterhood across state lines, encouraged civic engagement with all generations, and advocated for equal rights as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. In total, Erica has earned over $6,500 in scholarships to put towards her education.

Paws For A Cause


In my journey with Paws for a Cause, legislation, and advocacy have been central pillars of our mission to support animals like my dog, Pippa. Through my involvement with the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade, I actively participated in spreading awareness about animal protection bills at both state and federal levels. I even got to pass a bylaw in my hometown, which prohibited pet stores from profiting off the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. I had the opportunity to speak on the law at Town Meeting where passed with a unanimous vote. 


Understanding the importance of education in influencing how we view and treat animals, I decided to create resources to help children learn about animal welfare. One of these resources is a children's book called "Pippa Finds a Friend." Through Pippa's story of conquering her fears, the book aims to teach kids empathy and kindness towards animals. My goal in publishing this book was to get young people involved in animal advocacy, setting the stage for a future where animals are valued and cared for from a young age.

Volunteering & Fundraising

Volunteering and fundraising have been essential parts of my dedication to Paws for a Cause. By volunteering with groups like the ASPCA, I saw firsthand how direct action helps animals find loving homes. I also organized fundraisers, including Amazon Wishlist campaigns, a Home for the Holidays Campaign, and restaurant fundraisers to support my initiatives. These efforts not only gave financial aid but also raised awareness about animals in need. Through social media, I encouraged others to get involved, building a community of caring individuals committed to improving animals' lives. Through volunteering, fundraising, and advocacy, I'm committed to creating a world where animals are valued, protected, and cherished as important members of our society.

Pippa Finds A Friend

Erica's children's book, Pippa Finds A Friend, that goes along with her Community Service Initiative, Paws For A Cause, is now available on Amazon!

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